Agent Sasco Says He Was Honored To Work With Kanye West On Yeezus

Kanye West respect for dancehall music is becoming more and more evident since releasing his latest album Yeezus on Tuesday June 18.

Kanye West has been receiving a lot of praise in the hip-hop and dancehall community for the controversial album which features samples from Capleton, Beenie Man, Popcaan and a verse from Agent Sasco.

Agent Sasco – Start War [New Music]

Sasco, aka Assassin, told the Star that it was a great opportunity for him to work with Kanye West.

“Kanye’s production was there working on a summer project and wanted some verses from dancehall artistes, and I was one of the artistes selected,” Agent Sasco said. “I spat some verses, some with and some without music. I got a call in January and I was told he liked what he heard and I’d be hearing from them soon in order to do a bit more work.”

“What it means for my career really is a reinforcement that I am a diverse artiste who isn’t limited to a specific genre or type of music,” Agent Sasco continues. “I believe in being creative, and working with Kanye’s team was one of those great opportunities.”

Agent Sasco currently has a few new singles bubbling on the airwaves including “Tell Unnu,” “Material Girl,” and “Shell.”