Chronixx, Delly Ranks & Boom Steppa – My Mother Lyrics

My mother never stop pray
No my mother never stop pray

Mama tell mi shi pray fi di best fi mi
Although shi cyaa control mi destiny

My mother never stop pray
My mother never stop pray

Shi seh mi no fi meck di devil bring no test to mi
I am bless and a that shi confess to mi

Our mother, fi yo mother
My mother never stop no
My mother, fi yo mother
Never stop pray fi wi

(Verse 1)
Mama Merl, give thanks fi di blessings and di teaching
How to get to di most high, yo show mi how fi reach him
My mother tell mi seh mi most not get deceiving
So mi can get a proper send off when mi leaving
So as mama prayer continue
Devotion inna di morning Delly Ranking haffi bring yo
Teach yo how fi talk to God and him no haffi bling yo
So don’t meck the devil rule yo soul and try fi win yo
My mother pray fi yo, your mother pray fi mi
From di days of shilling, and pens, and di apiny
Your mother pray fi mi, my mother pray fi yo
Shi pray night and day fi yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Chronixx wi walk through di Vally of di shadow of
Some place weh dem seh badder than galawas
Yet still Jah protect mi like Danielle
Even though am just a sinner like Barabbas
All when mi know seh trap a set
MI act as if everything is coperset
Mi know seh Jah is real, so what’s di deal?
Mi naw go fret
Dem would a waan eat mi food like piece a chocolate
But even if mi fi got fi pray, mama naw fi get
My mother never ever stop pray
Even when mi sister and mi brother stop pray
My mother never ever stop pray
Believe mi when mi tell yo seh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)