Konshens – God A Mi Don Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Jah tell mi never fret
So mi no fraid
Anything, a anything
Mi prepared
Dem yah ghetto youth yah
No step left God
So wi no care who a hype an a step bad
As yo si mi yo si Jah, as yo si mi yo si Jah
As yo si mi yo si Jah, wi a God bless
As yo si mi yo si Jah, as yo si mi yo si Jah
Wi an God a chad, hey, hey

You si God
A my don that, talk anything mi no haffi hide an chat
Bwoy a fight haffi fight an drop
Dem full a links but a God a the right contact
Yuh si jah, a my linky
And mi naw go step left di link wid mi
All when yuh no si no man beside mi
Mi have the greater one beside mi

A tell dem Jah know it all
Who a pray fi mi down fall
That’s why wi always stand tall
That’s why wi always stand tall

Jah show mi my enemies
Jah show mi my friends
And most a di time dem stand behind di same ticked fence

(Verse 2)
Dem a double mouth cutlas
Two side chopper
Gwaan like dem real
But dem fake, dem a actor
Waan si the resovar turn inna dry well
Itch up inna wi business like Nigel
So yo cyaa sleep, eyes open
All when dem know dem tell yo self seh yo no know dem
Yuh wi si dem, dem cannot hide
That’s why mi keep Jah, Jah, by my side

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. Diané Lillith Sameer'smother

    best song very good.