Busy Signal – Mek Duppy (Explicit Version)

All gangsters rise the machines weh tall
Gun buss loud like a thunder ball
If you dis a Maddens dem a call
Violate you know yo haffi fall

Wi ready fi meck duppy
Bwoy disrespect an pass dem place
Wi ready fi meck duppy

Bwoy violate an pass dem place
Wi ready fi meck duppy

(Verse 1)
From mi born mi a step wid the mack
The berita, bizick the glock
The spin barrel, no quarrel
ANything meck tough chat, skull crack
Shrub out the long rose 4 4 skull
Mi a bore more send bwoy inna board box wid close door
Mack 90 seazie, send dem to rest easy
When di tugs dem squeeze hi
Gun dem down, gun dem down
Wi no chase, wi no run dem down
Pree dem, set fi dem when dem check dem gyal inna bed
And a get 3 sum
Anything violate a get gun shot
And wi no fraid a no bwoy wid dem tough chat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Ready fi go tek the food wi naw play
From Kingston straight back to Moaby
Rise every glock, every nine, every K
So the thing set, so the thing stay
Real gangsters get pay every way
No disrespect no night, no day
Tell dem straight mi no chase like a fay
Gun inna hand mi no have it lock away
Naw si a next night, not another day
Dis an yo dead, dis, dis, a lot a way
Next generation 9, bwoy get bine
Body cyaa find

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. we ready fi make duppy…love the vybes.