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Mad Cobra Says Dancehall Is Too Boring, “A hog mi a raise”

Veteran dancehall deejay Mad Cobra has been created waves in dancehall in recent months with a slew of new gritty singles including “Defend It,” and “Dis Dem Anyweh.”

Dancehall fans believed the deejay is making a comeback, but Mad Cobra says that is not the case.

Mad Cobra – Dis Dem Anyweh [Music Video]

According to Mad Cobra, dancehall these days is boring so he came back on the scene to nice things up a bit.

This is what Cobra told the Gleaner:

“I came back because dancehall is boring. I do most of my shows in Europe. I haven’t worked in Jamaica in five years. Most of the big names move from arenas to small venues. Dancehall is on a dive. Younger artistes can’t deliver the songs how it sound on the recordings. Shows don’t ram like how dem used to ram before.”

“I never stop recording. I just keep my thing underground. Most of my songs that I have are done for sound systems. I wasn’t hunting or craving airplay.”

“A hog mi a raise. I am raising pigs right now, racehorse and (run) buses.”

“But if I feel to deejay, I just deejay. I love music, but I don’t run it down. I want people to want to hear me. Mi nuh need no comeback. I love music, but I never leave music. I just leave the spotlight. You have some people who will do anything to be the columns of dancehall. Mi nuh waan outshine the juvenile.”

Mad Cobra released a new music video for his single “Dis Dem Anyweh” last week to rave reviews.

Cobra rose to International fame in the early 1990s with singles such as “Flex” and “You’re Making Me High” with Toni Braxton.


  1. Music is a business. he said he doesn’t need the spotlight, which is a lie, everybody needs to spotlight because that’s what keep your profile up and out there. If your not in the spotlight your profile will be down, your music wont be played as much, fans and admirers wont have much interest in you. If you understand marketing, then that will make sense, no business can survive or survive for long without being in the spotlight. But get this, He says he doesn’t need the spotlight yet he is in it now doing interviews for his new tracks which he claims is not a comeback..bla bla bla..he hasn’t done a show in the Caribbean in the last five years because he is not in demand..why..because his brand in the Caribbean as faded, and fans are not that interested, its not what you use to do for fans, its what you doing right now. you’ve got to stay current to be in constant demand.

  2. Dis man a gyallis fi real!

  3. sound like real… bug man talk.

  4. E.l. Mac Mackey

    he’s right!

  5. Cobra a big deejay still but di pig thing funny lol.

  6. I like his songs.