Ganggoolie And T.O.K. Beefing Over Muscle Wine [VIDEO]

Underground dancehall deejays have been complaining bitterly about more established act biting their style.

The latest being Ganggoolie, who accused T.O.K. of bootlegging his song titled “Muscle Wine.”

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According to Ganggoolie, he doesn’t have a problem with another artist endorsing muscle wine, however, T.O.K. song sound exactly like his.

“Many more artists from Jamaica include muscle wine in their songs and I don’t have a problem with that,” Ganggoolie tols Anthony Miller of ER. “But T.O.K. now sing back my song exact like I am a dead man and that is not creative as a big group.”

T.O.K. member Flexx dismissed Ganggoolie’s claims as rubbish.

Watch the video below.


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