Romain Virgo – Why Should I Worry Lyrics

A by the grace of God mi a live
And every day man a think positive
And all the gwaan dem a gwaan
Still a pure love mi give

Why should I worry
Why should I fear
When mi left all mi burdens inna the fathers care

Why should I worry
Why should I fear oh God
Seh dem mighty but to Jehovah dem cyaa compare

(Verse 1)
So when the devil send dem come
Try meck yo straight
A chat things weh you no know bout fi you lose yo way
Just lift yo hands to the sky
And call on the most high
Almighty high, never deny

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I don’t see, I don’t see dem
Mi no have no time fi pree dem
After mi naw study Eden
Father God please free dem
Forgive dem lord cause dem don’t know what they have done
Dem lose from dem rise against yo son
Dem fi know a pure blessings Jah blow
And clean it whiter than the snow
Wicked heart shall reap what dem sow
That mi hear from mi likkle and grow

(Repeat Chorus 2X)


  1. Manh this Gospel song,Streets of Gold riddim just strengthens me,God is there for me,I shud not fear….