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Stein – Send Dem (Mixtape Version) [New Music]

Dancehall Star Stein drop a new single “Send Dem.”

Dem a get kill shot, out a head brain a drop out
Bwoy face buss out, eye ball pluck out
No tell bad man bout mother mi fi s*ck out
Use the ratchet knife, tongue get cut out
Inna dem skin gunshot a dive in
And mi no fraid a police a no lock a siren
Bwoy violate from far I see him
Supn shine pon him head and a no car eye beam
Step to dem wid the magnum inna face fedder buss
Run inna yo house and murder yo brother first
Cut yo gyal throat, hang yo mother wid a rope
Yo should a dis somebody else instead of us

Listen full track below.