Masicka – The Prayer Lyrics

Mi mother seh shi get a dream last night
Fake friends waan kill mi lord Jesus Christ
Me and dem spar an smoke the leaf of life
Cyaa believe dem waan mi reach paw ice

All when dem group up an a plan
Wid tool up inna hand
Fi cruse up and come shoot up weh mi stand
Hark a tell yo friend you a go kill mi
God a my dan and the future seh yo wrong
Mi never fail, brave till God come fi mi
Mi stop follow bad company
Fake friend wicked
Friend wi sell you out
Dem a the wrong company
Mi only keep gyal company

(Verse 1)
Hold on, mi wild when mi a step
Caw mi a try mi never fret
Try go hide caw man no frighten fi yo threat
The nine yo point fi connect
Fi hi reach mi death
It miss by a mile never catch

Dem never know mi mother prayer dweet
Naw a so mi know dem guy yah weak
God protect mi head when I a sleep
Jah seh dem fail caw the prayer reach

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All when dem put a price paw yo head
Dem surprise you no dead
Tears from mama eyes never shed
Jah know mi frighten, if a war mi deh beside you
Never badmind, mi eyes never red
Dem sit down an a pree fi take my life
Fake friends an enemies waan take my life
Roughest wi being through, when yardi grave dig too
It no easy fi take my life

(Repeat Chorus)

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