Tommy Lee – Super Freak (She’s A Super Freak) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Andrew blacks dem fi know seh every gyal a mine
So join the Gaza line
Just show your face, gyal mi love your smile
Shi go bubble down, shi left mi now
She’s a super freak, a no nothing if yo bore yo tongue

Hey gyal wine up yo body inna the video light
Caw yo face ever pretty and yo smile ever bright
From the first time yo look in ma eyes
Mi know you waan f me gyal
So mi eight up body pop like tread pon a kite
When yo quint up yo pu**y like a pepper light
Gyal mi cyaa left you out a mi sight
Deh f deh hold mi

Yo pum, pum, tight, gyal yo f mi right
Yo wine all night, a deh wine deh mi like
Shi just a wine like shi waan bruk it off
Shi just a wine like shi waan bruk it off
Mine yo buss the goose tonight
Look like yo want a pickney gyal

(Verse 2)
Shi have 10lbs a pu**y right paw mi john
Shi seh Tommy Lee wa meck yo tan pon hi so long
Shi pretty like Cinderella, when mi done shi ugly
Gyal wine slow pon it, gyal wine pon it
Yo pu**y tight heee
You a mi wifey gyal

(Repeat Chorus)

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