Shots Fired: Mad Cobra Diss Bounty & Beenie In “Defend It”

Mad Cobra strikes again and this time two of the biggest acts in dancehall, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, are directing in his path.

The dancehall veteran drop a new hard hitting track titled “Defend It” where he took shots at the dancehall giants.

Mad Cobra – We And Dem A War [New Music]

See some lyrics excerpt:

Buju meck mi naw too gi nobody hail
Some man rejoice true Addy go a jail
Me get shot dem tek it meck chat
And dem never waan no judge gi Ninja no bail
Ele dem a carry if you tune dem a wale
The bwoy dem even vex true Josey a Wale
Mi no inna nothing wid no bwoy wid scales
So it better dem no si mi cause mi naw use no hail

Pree full: Mad Cobra – Defend It Lyrics

Listen to the full track below.


  1. Cobra a gwaan wicked! Dah 1 yah shot!

  2. bounty ting turn up, killa di real big man even cobra know that.

  3. mi nu here bounty name call killa mi sah.

  4. God never give man more he can bare.
    mi r unstopable.

  5. Maddflex Antohny Stash

    blood clatt bounty killer and bennie man dead now!