Blessings – Peter Miles and Demarco Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Peter Miles)
Living in a life that wi dream put back deh as ghetto youths
Lexus, Benz, Drag Top wi haffi use
And wi cause a front page inna the news
To meck the badmind confuse

So wi haffi work hard
Meck badmind go sadder
Meck mi momma further proud

And so mi stand tall
And custom fi wiser
To make the badmind go weh

(Chorus – Peter Miles)
Jah, Jah, shower blessings paw mi
Left all mi dramas behind mi
And mi live another day
No one could be fall mi
Mi put up resistance
And meck dem get out away

(Demarco – Verse 2)
So wi no worry when badmind people a stress wi
Peter this a weh wi say
Hard work and perseverance through yo sweat an yo brow
Then yo must get pay
Alright peter miles dem no waan fi si wi smile
Dem rather si wi mash up, a we dem waan style
Father God bless wi from a likkle child
So the blessing dem a flow like the great river nile
So life is the greatest gift that fall
So ghetto youths work hard and stand tall
When mi stress to the father mi clasp mi hands an call
Meck badmind know mi naw fall

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2 2X)


  1. tell dem haterz.

  2. hsinin’ star- MILES…………Indeed your miles by far………..GO IN BOSS:))))))))))))))).

  3. big tune
    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad big up peter.