Vybz Kartel – My Life (Life Of Adidja) Lyrics

My Life is all I have

Fi all the good weh mi do inna life
Wi have no request, no request
Fi all the time weh mi put up a fight
Mi have no request, no request at all

God alone can judge mi choice
Gimmi life my judgement no must be nice
But mi do wa mi a do fi keep staying alive
Mi no have no request, no request at all

(Verse 1)
A me the whole a dem a try fight
Fi spite dem a pree fi mi faith turn tonight
Propagandize and roomers weh media a write
It burden mi cry cause mi future so bright
Nobody no curse who
That no show paw record
Dem naw write bout achievements and reward
But dem quick fi report like claud
Who dem hear shot up the barber shop
And who shot up the studio yard
Mi no care

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem a gwaan like a dem one fi prosper
Like mi no have no life
Mi mussi duppy like jasper
Dem pay fi bottle man
Buy out selector
Thousand dem measure pon the badmind detector
Me, My money fi mi sons and mi daughter
Pension mi family the tugs pon the corner
Mi conscience free that mi proud a
Not like dem weh do the oral, the omo, the obia

(Repeat Chorus 2X)