Stylysh – Rave We A Rave – Lyrics

Mi mouth clean
Mi well dress
Colon splash on yeh mi well fresh
Party tonight is a must yes
Meck wi tek a toast to wi success

Raise you bottles in the air
Tonight wi a party like wi don’t care
Slap weh the bar from sparta deh there
Tonight wi a party like wi don’t care

Rave wi a rave an a drink all night
Party sell off everything is alright
Rvae wi a rave an a drink all night
The party sell off alright

(Verse 1)
Mi si gyal a dash it out
Mi si hyal a broad out
Freaky gyal a rotate lollipop in are mouth
Wife a road and yard that mi a talk bout
Selector drop song meck matey walk out

Table set, big tune select
Mi hear are you ready every man a tek set
Gyal a climb sound box nearly pop shi neck
Money pull up fi deh song yah unu waan stick a bet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Under mi Hennessy mix wi Cranberry
Happy like seh mi a spar wid Jim Carey
Nuff man waan put mi pin inn dem Blackberry
Seh dem waan get a ride paw mi ferry
Mi si a bwoy weh mi like
Body a my type
By the end a the night waan balance pon the bike
Grip him wid the muscle, muscle, vice grip tight
Wake up a morning no member last night yow

(Repeat Chorus)