Serani – True Mi Simple (Gangsta Anthem) Lyrics

True mi simple you a tek man fi fool
You no si mi relax and cool
You no si mi relax and cool
Rock stone tek unu to school

So meck mi tell you bout Grandspen
Mi friend Ratty safe cause him inna God hands dem
Man dem from Pain Land naw ramp when
When a time fi win, win, naw contemplate
every ghetto youth great
Yow Jungle man dem ever humble
Wid nuff, nuff, nuff, soldier inna bundle
Backitive deh, deh, pon the double
When time mi run up inna trouble
SO no bother dis mi down a Rema
Long time man weh rock mesh marina
Dem meck yo dance like ballerina
Run left the clothe dem weh yo inna
This a beat, no meck mi see yo
Yeh gardes, mi down a Garden
Yo cyaa beg, yo cyaa plead
Yo cyaa barging, worst when wi heart them harden
No tell mi sorry, no tell mi oops
Wi heartless like the one George Bush

Spanish Town, new name wi a call the baddest town
A the baddest town
Yow match lane worst place fi get a flat wheel
Dis then you know how that feel
No dis down a gisam
Deh so the wrought of the giant began
Change eye then did the walk wid wig an
Run when yo si man, yo future inna mi hand

A could a you, a could a two
A could a three or four more
You no really waan try dis a Portmore
Rum a go pure more, yo waan know more
Fi the consequence there’s no cure
Yow Montego Bay, Yo cyaa seh bay when we deh, deh
Flankas, Cantaberry, Norwood
Nothing bout our life never merry
Nor good

(Repeat Chorus)