Mavado & Chino – Good Good Girl Lyrics

(Chorus – Mavado)
Good, good, good, girls
You rock my world
Good, good, good, girls
You rock my world
Hey good, good, girl
You rock my world

(Verse 1 – Mavado)
Cant sleep at night
Dreaming of you
Some gyal sell dem rights
I guess they ain’t got a clue
They ain’t talking goose
I ain’t passing through

Watch yah, mi hear the gyal a seh shi good up
But are man naw please are
From shi seh shi good yo know mi naw leave are
Tell mi shi tun up and a bun up like fever
Jump inna the whip and me and are meck a deep spar
Gyal to how yo body hot
You meck mi have the chart
Interview pon ER.

I don’t know about you
But I know about me
I know a good, good, girl tonight
Cant standing in the dark and shi standing in the light
Girl you know I wanna burst yo kite
And the breeze are dying
I had to reach mi height

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

(Chino – Verse 2)
Me to the gyal dme is a perfect blend
Buck a sexy gyal shi forward from Grandspen
A tell mi shi a pree mi from way back when
A tell mi seh shi good up
Mi seh alright then
Link mi up pon the gully side after ten
Me and God a spar bring yo friend

The girls them on them way the vibes is right
Henny pon the table
Mi love the bad gyal type
It’s a party night
A no fi the slacky, slacky, type

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1 – Mavado)

(Repeat Chorus)