RDX – Summer Days – Lyrics

The summer days
Oh lord I really love the summer days
The summer days
Being planning all this year for the summer days
Summer days
Summer days
Summer days

(Verse 1)
A joy and fun fi the summer time straight
Wi a bun a time out when the sum a shine warm
Lounge by the pool side wi rocking out
Hot girls wi haffi count
Trees wi no chatting bout palm
Down by the beach and wi killing it
Cups and wi fill it with
Anything alcohol fi who
Marina and cut off foot jeans pants fi flew
Si the foreigners weh glad fi get release from the snow

A summer this summer
A summer this summer
Bag a girls fi a come from some office
Tower hill lose yo self wid the summer mist
Bun a spliff, pure supn cold in yo cup and sip
Cause a summer this
Yes a summer this
Wi hook to the warm breeze like a drug addict
Roll up when the sun a wip
Jelly water from the cup a lip
Pretty flat belly gyal a pure up pon it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Lets go to the beach party pon the sea side
Twees and flipped up wid a girl pon each side
Real vybz gray deh pon the sand like a queen size
Shades and cap inna mi face cove mi weed eyes
Windows down free drive
Hyal seh the kid sweet like bea hive
Jet Ski ride, gyal under umbrella
A summer this
Shi bring sex pon the beach
Shi drunk habit
Selector beat off song like a drum addict
Rum a mix
Mi nick name a Hal cover lick
A summer this
Yes a summer this
And yo sister, every mister, a cut a mrs
Money inna mi shorts pocket heavy like a tun a bits
Summer time so wi haffi meck fun of it

(Repeat Chorus)