Rumor Control: Elephant Man Denies Swimming With Gays Allegation

Elephant Man made gossip headlines today after reports surfaced claiming that he was caught with a group of gays last night.

Several anonymous emails came flooded Urban Islandz inbox today with the allegations. So we reach out to a rep of the dancehall veteran for a comment.

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This is what Ele’s rep told Urban Islandz:

“First off we don’t normally comment on ridiculous rumors like this because some people don’t have nothing to do with them life,” Ele’s rep told us.

“No ba**y man can’t go a Ele yard and what a gardener doing at the man place 11 o’clock a night? cut grass in a night, Elephant busy a make money and f p—y,” the rep added.

“A 20 odd pitney Ele have so people need to stop mixup the man name for publicity,” the rep continues.

This would not be the first time Elephant Man is rocked by rumors of the sort.

In 2011 rumors ran wild claiming that the “Badman Style” deejay was caught in a hotel performing oral on a female.

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