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Nicki Minaj Was Red Hot On American Idol In Barely There Dress [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj gave American Idol a much needed buzz on Thursday night when she walked on the show in a barely there red dress.

Twitter immediately exploded when the Young Money rapper stepped out in a dress that could barely contain her ass-ets.

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We’ve seen Nicki Minaj in more revealing outfits than that, however, American Idol felt it was inappropriate for the show.

During the show Nicki Minaj also got some attention when she told Mariah Carey to “Simmer down.

“What? Okay. Simmer down, sir,” Nicki Minaj said during a heated exchange with Mariah Carey.


  1. kids? don’t mind the kids, nicki’s dress got nothing on wonder-woman’s costume.

  2. Howard Tyler Fuller


  3. she’s too tacky for this show, this is a family show! she’s annoying, and although I think Mariah is cheesy too but Nikki is so so jealous of MC, it shows on the show, constantly!

  4. Hate her or love her Nicki Minaj is banging.