Jah Vinci – Rise Against Me Lyrics

Life a get bitter like a piece a garlic
Yet wi a pray but never see the lord yet
Dem seh head a go roll like a ball kick
From minni scarlep
Pray to god mi no be dem target

Sy amazing grace, oh sweet the sound
Jah will lead me one
Even when they try to take my life
Jah will keep me strong

Cause many will rise against me
Trying to take my soul
Many will rise against me
Protect me lord

(Verse 1)
Yea dem cyaa test cause a me the lord bless
Jah will deliver from stress
Mi never tell you seh mi tired
Why yo waan mi heart rest
Why yo waan si mi a Mederest
And even though the burden heavy and mi face the hardest
Still a look to Jah regardless
All when yo friend dem gone mi know Jah, Jah, naw left
Jah will provide my dept

So Jah be mi guide mi shield
Cause a no every smile mi si weh real
You alone know the pain mi feel

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem kick mi door and den mi hear it drop
Di same friends dem wi a hang out a the daily spot
Mi hear mi daughter ball out
Daddy a no Rickey that
Seh him come fi the money weh him hear mi got
The place get silent till mi could a hear mi heart
Whisper a prayer inna mi mind
And mi know seh Jah, Jah, hear the thought
Dem squeeze the chigger mi no hear no shot
Dem no know seh a Jah do that

(Repeat Chorus)