Patexx & Advance – Jahoviah Lyrics

Advance a we seh heavenly father
You a guide and protect
Mi beg you open up mi eye dem
Meck mi si every trap weh dem set

(Verse 1 – Advance)
Wi no fear no shadow after dark
That’s why wi walk wid the dawgs dem weh bark
Light the fire meck dem si when it spark
Wi no fear no evil heart

(Chorus – Patexx)
Dem a dash dem oil and dem a sprinkle powder
But mi still a praise Jehovah
Mi no know when mi struggles a over
But mi still a praise Jehovah
Pon the battle field a me him watch over
So mi still a praise Jehovah
Showers of blessings run over
So mi still a praise him

(Verse 2 – Advance)
Jah, Jah, him a guide and shield
So that’s why mi seh a prayer before mi eat mi meal
Yow meck wi keep this thing real
Cause if a never Jah nuff a wi no make it pon the battlefield
Yow right now mi cone fi buss of the steal
Tell dem any day now things a reveal
Mi a talk from mi heart how mi feel
So mi no trust dem wid dem raw deal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi no weak inna mi heart so mi stand firm
Rather fire pon pagans mi no stop burn
Mi a teach weh di fool dem no waan learn
Star from mi born so dem a no mi concern

Deh song yah bun dem
So tell dem fi ban it
Nuff a dem hear mi big voice and a panic
Bad mind people fi go live a next planet
Use this and cleanse dem
BAd habit seh Patexx

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)