“I-Octane Stole My Song” Says Underground Artist Dazzla

An upcoming dancehall artist name Dazzla is accusing I-Octane of stealing his song.

The accusations came just days after I-Octane drop his latest single “Wuk Up Yuh Body,” produced by Markus Records.

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According to Dazzla, I-Octane first heard the song during a recent taping of Magnum Kings & Queens of dancehall.

This is what Dazzla told the Star:

“The first week mi play the song at Magnum and I-Octane came to the show as a guest judge and he heard the song, a lot of people heard the song at the venue. So the next week when I-Octane’s song was released people start calling me to say how come I and I-Octane released the same song.”

“At first I was surprised and I went home to listen the song released by I-Octane and it was very similar to mine. If you listen to the songs yu will hear the similarities.”

“People from foreign which is my fanbase is saying that how mi and I-Octane fi have the same song like wi a whol the same meds. If you go on YouTube and listen for yourselves you can hear them.”

“This is just what people are saying. I personally believe I-Octane is too big for that, but people just listen both songs and you decide. I am not trying to look a hype from the artiste, because I am not that type of person, but I would just like people to listen for themselves and be the judge.”

“I know that artistes tend to get desperate sometimes to keep the hits coming. But I don’t believe I-Octane is that type of person so I am just puzzled right now. Dem sey great minds think alike so anything possible, the last thing I want people to assume is that it’s a young artiste looking a hype. But the similarities of the song does raise some eyebrows. I am just going to continue to push my song and I have a video on the way.”

I-Octane publicist Sasha Bling said the “My Life” deejay recorded the song in question long before Magnum Kings & Queens.

Listen to both singles below and let us know if they are the same.

Listen to Dazzla “She Want It All Night” below.

Listen to I-Octane “Wuk Up Yuh Body” below.


  1. Loveable Powell

    samething , is nt the words but how the song is been sing.

  2. mi nuh know a who frighten dazzla! coz its totally two different songs,,,,,,,,,

  3. dazzla want a ra$$ lick inna him damn dutty mouth! di song dem nuh sound nuttin alike except seh dat both a dem a talk bout girl a wind and dem both seh di word “body” inna di song dem, yo dazzla fi go tek weh himself still and chuck off a one mountain cliff. go weh dutty bwoi!

  4. o_O am I hear no similarities hmm mayb dazzla and his fans have a hearing problem.