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Is Konshens Smashing Raine Seville ?

Since releasing their raunchy new collaborative single “Sekkle Dung,” Konshens and Raine Seville have been rumored to be an item.

Now a close source to the “Realest Song” deejay exclusively told Urban Islandz that the two did hook.

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“They did hook up but I can’t say whether or not they have a intimate relationship,” the source said.

“Raine is a very sexy girl and she has a very nice personality so you know Konshens is into her and there is no doubt she is into Konshens to,” the source told us.

The two dancehall stars took some steamy photos last month in promotion of the single “Sekkle Dung.”

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The source also told Urban Islandz that they will be shooting a raunchy music video for the single this month.

Can’t wait for that.

Do you think Konshens and Raine Seville are intimate?

Sound off below.

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  1. hahahaha real gallis.

  2. Only a fool wouldn’t think these two aren’t f**king.

  3. dcent bwuoy lyk a mi mi nuh tak lmuch mi nuh trouble nobady.