Tommy Lee – C4 Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Look into ma car trunk you see a C4
It will make a ship sink to the sea floor
Every new tune buss get a big cheque
Fly inna the jet come si mi on tour
Money wi a spend so yo know wi don’t lame
Ice paw wi neck bay gyal a take set
Yet still mi stay calm with ma plats on
Pretty night nurse dem a gimmi good vibes
24 hours 7 days a the week
The tugs dem a fighter, so wi fight freak
The jean wa wi wear cause more than yo rent
Sparta no cheap everybody can see it
Pull up inna America I love the cash street
Kids dem a watch mi on the flat screen
Everywhere mi go dem seh mi psycho
Like ya’ll tune in to the Tommy Lee show

Everybody jump, everybody jump up
Everybody jump, everybody jump up
Everybody nice and a have a good time
Gyal a gimmi look like seh shi waan hurt

Everybody jump, everybody jump up
You no si a 3 bag inna mi rum cup
Boy watch wi pon a tin line
Mine mi haffi, mine mi haffi make the crowd go

(Verse 2)
Blastid gyal, gyal wid the brown skin
Here and there start capital thing
Billion bwoy dem cannot control
Like when yo make the next move fo the engine
Ice paw mi hand jeas mi time freeze
Eyes dem a bleed to like a Chinese
Brain a lift off like a helicaptor
Right now mi not even deh rime now a days

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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  1. the thugs them a fighter so we fight sweet no freak.

  2. in vere 2, it’s no ‘here and there start capital thing’. it’s ‘hair and nails cost couple thousand.’