Cham – Stripper Pose Lyrics

Step out like yo mad caw you own the clothe
You own the clothe, you own the clothe
A gyal thing lame shi no know stripper pose
Know stripper pose, know stripper pose

Gyal head to the floor, batty in the air
Wine caw mi love it when yo shake up yo rear
Bed or the floor, table or chair
Height up yo batty meck wi si underwear

Love it when wi deh pon the bed
And yo barely sit down an a wine pon the head
Mi love it when wi fu*k off the spread
And yo tell mi no stop run the pum, pum, read

(Verse 1)
Gyal meck dem know a yah so all a the fun deh
Dog a link seh him a go bounty Sunday
Him waan know if mi naw come
Mi seh come weh
A wa do you, him no hear wa mi done seh

Shi have mi weak star, shi have mi weak star
The gyal a tell mi how shi waan mi fi freak are
A she alone deh a the yard so mi go meet are
Mi put the buddy pon are lip a so mi greet are

Shi have mi weak star, shi have mi weak star
Shi seh fi rub it pon the clit a deh so sweet are
Shi seh shi waan mi pull are hear
Shi waan mi beat are
Shi waan the pum, pum, tun up so mi fi teach are

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi never hear no gyal a seh dem love short hood
So mi go hard, when mi done dem cyaa walk good
No body never meck you fly baby I could
And if yo man no meck yo ball baby I would
Shi love the co**y no
shi love the co**y no
Shi waan the co**y but are boyfriend wack hi no
Shi seh shi likkle but shi love it from the back hi no
Shi seh shi love it when it big and when it black hi no
Shi love the co*k hi no, Shi love the co*k hi no
Shi si the c**ky and the gyal start attack hi no
No ramp wid mi gyal, a 12 inch mi pack hi no
Meck sure the supn tight it no gyal

(Repeat Chorus 2X)