Masicka – Mi Have The Style Lyric

Me a easy wi get dem
Mi no pet dem, a easy mi wet dem
Fi we gyal a fight out a road
Because wi have style out a road

(verse 1)
Cash flow, gyal deh a mi yard gate
And gyal inna mi bed a wait
Cyaa get no brake
Gyal dem seh wi hot like when bread a bake
Mi work mi charm and turn around
And further more mi never rape
So why the gyal dem weh mi hate dem never wait

Because mi have the style fi meck shi bring in style
Style fi meck shi bring it quick
Mi naw go rape, but mi wi die fi meck shi bring it quick
Silly chips mi gi the chicks
Mi cry fi meck shi bring it quick
It never take a while
So mi smile caw shi bring it quick

(Verse 1)
Fresh inna the road man step seducer
Mi no old and take lash
Sweet colon pon neck get mi number fi the phone
Man get mi romantic just mi voice alone
Meck shi cold and wet
Mi take weh married woman, big woman
And meck old man fret
How much gyal mi have pass mi board meck mi scroll and check
Portmore cross the tole and check
Sure sure a no joke mi a meck
Mi have a gyal in every parish
Deadly gyal the sofia seh
Shi bring it so mi katch it pon the sofa yeh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me mi know how fi sweet are up
Mi know how fi meck shi feel nice
Text are as the morning light
Call are pon free night’s
No mi naw go beat are up
Yo naw go hear seh we fight
Mi a fight chick as mi side chick
But dem feeling like a real wife
Mi mad gyal the street type
Mi rich gyal think she hype
No fake lox, no cheep Nike
Round mi neck shi put real Ice
Gyal inna the church weh waan fi meet Christ
Seh dem would a turn back fi these guys
Wi hotter than steem rice
Fi get the gyal dem easily
Till all get rich like P diddy
If she giddy yo get the number speedily
Really, get gyal weh slim and hot
Gyal weh hot like free willie
So fi get some love a the least fi wi

(Repeat Chorus)