Bounty Killer Remembers Hustling, Getting Shot In Seaview [VIDEO]

Dancehall living legend Bounty Killer was featured on CVM DWRAP last week where he opens up about his long and decorated career in dancehall.

Bounty Killer, who has been widely regarded as a pioneer of modern dancehall, take us way back to when he use to sell figarees for a living and getting shot in Seaview Gardens.

Bounty Killer – Entourage [New Music]

“A figaree me use to sell,” Bounty Killer says. “I use to help my mother sell pillow and my brother sell figaree. I use to deejay long before I use to sell figaree but I didn’t choose to do deejaying, its deejaying choose me. It was when I got a gunshot at Seaview then I deejay about “from a man back him gun you better run, copper shot” thats how I made that song.”

“So I got a gun shot and it turned me in the right direction. So instead of going to shoot people I said walk far from gun,” Bounty Killer added.

Bounty Killer also opened up about the current state of dancehall, his future in the music and much more.

Watch video below.