Did Chris Brown Ditch His Bodyguard Big Pat In Bermuda?

Is Chris Brown out of control? That’s the question everyone is asking.

Breezy allegedly had a fallout with his longtime bodyguard Big Pat on Wednesday while traveling from Ghana on a gig.

CHEAP: Chris Brown Refused To Pay $10 Valet Fee

Rumors are that Pat got into a fight with Chris Brown and his crew on the plane.

According to the Bermuda Sun, Chris Brown got off the plane for a cigarette smoke. His bodyguard later got off and refuse to go back on the jet.

“I’m not sure of the details of what happened on the plane but his plane came in, got services and everything was finishing and they were getting ready to leave.”

“Then there was a stall. The security guard [Big Pat] got off first. He was standing outside talking to the pilot. Then Chris Brown and another guy came off. They had to come inside to Customs.”

“They then went outside to have a cigarette. The security guard came inside [an airport building] and said he wasn’t getting back on the plane.”

Just yesterday a video surfaced on TMZ showing Chris Brown going off on a valet parker in Los Angeles over a $10 fee.

Do you think Chris Brown should get some anger management classes?

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