Buju Banton Trial Update: Judge Restrict Computer Expert

Buju Banton legal team hired a computer expert to comb a juror’s hard drive for evidence of misconduct during his trial.

But now the judge has now limit Larry Daniel, Banton’s computer forensic expert, to only search for a total number of 21 search terms.

Pinkerton. Doctrine. Mark. Anthony. Myrie. Buju. Banton. Music. Reggae. Gun. Charge. Guilt. Verdict. Mistrial. Conspiracy. Cocaine. Narcotic. Drug. Possession. Hung. Jury.

Buju Banton Sees Light At End Of The Tunnel After Juror Testimony

U.S. District Judge James S. Moody Jr. has also ordered Banton’s computer expert to only search through deleted files from February 14, 2011 to March 8, 2011.

Late laste year juror Teri Wright told a South Florida journalist that she had research aspects of the case during the trial.

She has since retracted that statement saying the reporter mislead her.