Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Slim – Love Journey Lyrics

Vanessa Bling
Dem no waan si wi holding on
But we naw let go

(Verse 1)
Mi tell yo bout badmind people
Dem cyaa stop wi doe caw wi inlove
Mi no know why dem no leave us yeh
Never see a man weh mi need so
Every day a you mi think of
Time fi come home fi wi link up
Sit down a mi yard an mi dying fi yo reach baby
Yo done know

No matter what people say
None a dem no know mi need yo
You need mi

No matter what comes my way
When you roped your arms around me
Yo shield mi from the rain
The love yo give to me no ordinary
Anything yo need mi waan fi be the man fi you get it

If this is love journey
Mi love you all the way
Really and truly
Mi love is here to stay
Till my life is over
Mi with you all the way
Believe mi, mi naw left
Believe mi, mi naw left

(Verse 2)
Oh, oh, oh
Baby you know seh mi love you so
Hmmmm, oh, oh, oh
Baby you know seh mi love you so

All a mi love is for you
I will never leave you alone
No body cyaa change my mind from loving you
You a my baby

(Repeat Chorus)