Tommy Lee Stole “Goat Head” According To Artist Black Skull

No Tommy Lee did not steal an actual goat head but as for the song “Goat Head” … read on.

By the end of this saga Tommy lee will probably be branded a song thief.

Earlier today we reported that the “Spartan Angels” deejay is being accused of stealing a song from a dead artist out of Montego Bay name Miracle.

You can read that story via below link.

Tommy Lee Accused Of Bootleging Another Mobay Artists [VIDEO]

An underground dancehall artist name Black Skull aligned to Asauna Records is now accusing Tommy Lee of stealing the song “Goat Head.”

Remember that Bounty Killer diss track Tommy Lee released last year.

This is what Asauna Records reps said:

“Asauna Records spoke to his manager about the song and how he came by it, and he said that he would ask tommy lee. The day after we contacted him and he then said him nuh business and we must do what we afto do, so now we are doing what we afto do.”

Peep the videos below.