Bunny Wailer Urges Snoop Dogg To “Do More Lion Things”

Snoop Dogg is still undergoing his transition into the animal kingdom’s royal family.

Changing his name to Lion was a big step but according to reggae legend Bunny Wailer, Snoop should start doing more Lion things.

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During a recent interview with Irie FM’s entertainment Buzz, Bunny Wailer feel questions regarding his recent comments about the West Coast rap legend.

“I am not judging who is true and who isn’t,” Bunny Wailer said. “But whats should happen is that the music that we form for so many years… we should be very cautious of people coming into the music without understanding where its at and where its going… with Snoop now because you know Snoop is a dog first and I called him a lion because I couldn’t call him a dog. But then he did not treat me as one who emphasize on him from being a dog to a lion and thats something I am not satisfied with… So I hope it does the things that are Lion like and not a dog.”

Basically Bunny Wailer is saying Snoop did not show him more respect after giving him the Lion moniker.

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