Predator Says Loyalty To Bounty Killer Stifle His Career

Will Predator go down in dancehall history as a one-hit wonder?

After being absent from the dancehall scene for some time now, Predator resurfaced to shed some light on whats happening with his career.

During an interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Predator attribute his loyalty to Bounty Killer as the reason for his short-lived career.

“I don’t really have any manager because Bounty Killer did everything for me,” Predator says. “So when a promoter book Bounty Killer him say we got everybody, so these things became a set back, loyalty bill you and kill you.”

Predator also sound off on the lack of quality music in dancehall currently.

Predator score a breakout hit in the early 2000s with his single “Nah No Head” which became a popular song in dancehall culture ever since.

Predator also got a lot of attention with his collaborative single “Head No Good” with Kiprich.

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