Popcaan – Bere Gyalniss Lyrics

Yow Bugie a bare gyalniss
Touch the road like mi car tire dem
Every french girl si mi seh shetem

From mi clarks cheese dem touch the tar
Mi cologne dem smell hi bad
Girl si mi an seh money bag
It hurt some bwoy how dem girlfriend love wi bad
Dem waan blaze wi like dog

Nuff bwoy frighten fi look gyal a street
Mi a wonder how yo dweet
Poppy no hide an go fi dem boogie
Portmore no hide an go fi dem
Anywhere mi go gyal si mi an shake like leaf
Gyallis board deh pon repeat
Poppy no hide an go fi dem
Portmore no hide an go fi dem

(Verse 1)
Standpipe wi get gyal holey
Mount a gyal weh mi lencry
Yea gyal si mi an wet up are self
Like seh shi have a slow leek
Mi deh pon tour gyal a plan fi mi hold wi
Seh as mi reach meck the pole speak
A one thing mi know bout every hot gyal out a road
As dem si mi deh catch cold feet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A we have the method fi meck gyal break dem fall inna love wid dem boyfriend
Regular gyal a ask mi fi a certain part a mi body fi go license
Dem a Tweet me pon Twitter an a post my picture
Believe mi mi like dem
Gyal a beg mi fi take are number an call are over
Turn are on like the light dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

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  1. (intro line 6) it shuda be: girl si mi an seh money bag(not bad).