Tessanne Chin – Call On Him Lyrics

These are the times when we should open our eyes
Start to realize

It’s getting closer, closer
So we should get closer to the one
Closer to him

In a time like now when the world needs prayer
Call on him an lift him higher
Look whats going on around us yea

Make a change in your self for the better
Lets hold hands an do this together
We should all call on the one

(Verse 1)
The one up above
The one that made us
The champion
He’s the worlds greatest
No other compares to him
It’s a blessing
And I know that he will save us
Don’t be afraid
It will only make it stronger
And I know that he’ll be here forever
Just as long as you believe in him
Better days will be longer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause this is more than world wide crisis
If you ready then we can survive this
How I long for you to realize this
Our prayers will work
Cause if I pray, then you pray
Pray for better days an peaceful energy
The almighty, his Majesty
Is lasting all the way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Say a prayer cause he’s listening
He’s here to ear your words
In the morning when you wake up
If you say then just a verse
To The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit
Guide an protect wi through the wicked
Help us to learn to walk away
Got to be strong in the hardest day

(Repeat Chorus)