Tommy Lee – Fury Lyrics

Our father our heart in heave
Allowed be thy name, thy kingdom come
Your wish shall be done to forgive your only son
It’s a fury we living on

(Verse 1)
Children of demon, children of God
We all live in a world of destruction an fraud
Conspiracies of silence, an memories of war
Babbling disguises that walk through stand far
Hmmmm mister, Y,Y to yo Chester
You godda get a go arrester From yo turn child the molester
Destruction, violation,Crime waste an blunder
What the eyes they seem the heart doesn’t leek over
Protect me lord, protect my weak
My only meek is as headed an week
Wannabies of God what can I say

Mister officer intruder
You murder the murderer, but you cyaa murder a murder
Fools are calling pon demons of war
The more innocent youths kill, the more demons rise
Its a fury,, Its a fury

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
It heartens to see the weak in the dark
Big body, so die body, so da chain wo
I pray to the lord humble my thought
We no role as a bad bwoy he who hesitate is last
Wanna do music an throw weh the past
Cause every man is a little man, only need a little drizzle rain
But this demons waan beef
Don’t even know, listen half a the story not even being told
Just because am angry it’s making me insane
Why all these ni–ers ignoring my pain
It’s a season out yah, good season
Mi a grieve for a good reason
It’s a fury, It’s a fury

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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