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Keyshia Cole Disses Destiny’s Child Member During Super Bowl

This is why everyone is mad at Keyshia Cole

While everyone else at the Super Bowl and at home was raving about Beyonce and Destiny’s Child performance at yesterday’s game, Keyshia Cole was not impressed.

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The R&B singer went on her Twitter page to trash Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams, after her performance with fellow bandmates Kelly Rowland and Beyonce.

“F–k that sh*t up then Beyonce! Bad b—h central,” Keyshia Cole tweeted.

“I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my a$$ up from my daze! She always fu–N the groove up,” Keyshia Cole added.

It was not before long that “Keyshia Cole” became a trending topic on Twitter and that was all due to the thousands of angry tweets coming from fans who watch the halftime show.

“And yes my mom uses drugs yes it’s hard. Yes I’m from Oakland and made it damn far without influential biological parents!” Keyshia Cole wrote on her Twitter page as if to take shots at Beyonce.

That tweet only made things worse for the R&B singer. Fans got nasty and all types of colorful language began flooding the social network with Keyshia Cole’s name attached to each tweet.

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  1. Maddflex Antohny Stash

    she want a blood clatt box down ground diss she a diss di girl!

  2. Girl too badmind cuz her career flop.

  3. why did Keisha feel the need to bash Michelle? Sense a little hater there. Did she think she should have been on the program?

  4. Keisha cole choose the wrong time to speak what was on her mind.

  5. jealous much? your the one who chose to drop your career and settle for being a basketball wife.

  6. Maybe she got JEALOUS cause she didn’t get to perfrom at the Super Bowl!