Jah Vinci – I Do Lyrics

Always be proud a the choice wa yo meck inna life
When yo get a good woman yo haffi just treat are right
Wa yo seh baby

(Verse 1)
You change my life and I just don’t know how
Two hearts become one as we take our vows
And I promise to love you forever baby
And I promise to be there for you everyday
Five more minutes to go
What am thinking about is you

Friends and family i here
To witness the love we share
I do am so in love with you from the first time I saw you
I do for everything we’ve being through
I promise I’ll stand by you
And I do, am so in love with you from the first time that I saw you
I do, cant sing I said enough I share my wealth with you

(Verse 2)
Mi naw go lie baby girl you have mi heart a way
A you alone mi a think bout from the other day
Girl inna love mi no play
From yo real mi give you the ring yeh a so mi stay
Red wine an candle lights while watching movies
No only go tell you that I love you am go prove it girl
Am serious this ain’t no drama
I wanna take you as my wife an my baby mama
Girl you gimmi your heart mi naw go lose it
Da relationship yah yea mi love it naw abuse it
Yea girl mi love you like mi music
Waan take you to the jewellery store an show you rings an make you chose it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Girl you meck mi haffi thank the father
All when temptation come yeh girl a you mi rather
Dem seh Jah Vinci put on weight yeh
Glad seh shi know mi when mi maga
All when times did bitter an times did harder
She alone a hold it on yah
That’s why when my time come
Mi naw go itch fi seh my own

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Toni-Ann Stephens

    Love deh song ere.