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Sting Promoter Joe Bogdanovich Demands Refund From Mavado

Last week Mavado stepped forward to explain why he did not performed at Sting 2012.

According to the Gully Mavado, he did not performed on the show because he did not get paid.

“It simple… If I get pay to perform, or my money reach at my yard or my management officer… then I will reach at your show because I am a businessman,” Mavado told ER.

Sting co-promoter Joe Bogdanovich has since refute Mavado’s claim saying he has a receipt for payment.

“Mavado said he did not performed at Sting because he did not get paid, what’s up with that?” Joe asked Anthony Miller of ER. “Seems odd… you know I have a receipt when he received his advance and in fact on the day of the show he was asking for more complimentary tickets. I have a reputation, artists get paid and now it’s time to get my money back. I need a refund.”

Bounty Killer also did not performed at Sting 2012 due to an ongoing feud with promoter Isiah Laing.

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  1. Broke but than addi di bleacher.

  2. Broke but than addi di bleacher.

  3. Mavado get paid,a lie him a rasclaat tell..every artist get come a him alone a complain..while Laing wi rib yuh…joe nah guh do dat!

  4. Nah lie u neva paid di yute.

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