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Flippa Mafia Says He Gave Away $95,000 At Sting [VIDEO]

The dancehall flossing king Flippa Mafia is back with a lot of money and Ace of Spades champagne.

Mafia caused one of the biggest fiasco at Sting 2012 when he brough a Gucci bag full of cash on the stage and threw it in the crowd.

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Speaking with Winford Williams last weekend, Mafia says it was all a part of his act and Sting promoters sponsored some of the money.

“It was like $95,000,” Flippa Mafia said. “But you know part of that throw money thing that have to be organized with the promoter because you done know with Joe and Mr. Laing anything possible because them have to top that up in the payment.”

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Flippa Mafia also opens up about his career and launching his new label in Jamaica.

Watch interview below.