Tommy Lee – Sparta Story Lyrics

How I feel Spartas
You know how we role shoot out bwoy mouth
When wi make kick it in a goal


Sparta Spartas out a night
Fu*k around we take your life
Mother Mother bag your belly bwoy feel how gunshot feel
War forever war is real
Fu*k around you get blue steal
When the bomb dem blast at night
People disappear

{Verse 1}

You ever see the man of a psycho pack killer
Blood spiller, brain shotting killer
Fi killer who seh dem a the real killer
Dis badman you get a kick out a mi mi no wear filla
Desert mi in a fi squelchy in a yo villa
Spit in a yo room an blow yo morrow through yo pillow
Kill yo mother dadda sister an yo likkle brother
Ask yo granny live are die which one shi rather
Granny go so live granny even get mi madder
Shoot out granny spin an meck shi pis in are dadda
Baby in a crib a ball bout mama mama

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Man a real what a logical killer
Grave digger spiritual an physical killer
Buss the gun in a yo mouth meck yo chew fire
When wi a kill people wi get power
All the desire meck wi higher an higher
Any bwoy we go fa lose dem head back proper
From wi a juvi wi a breeze skull proper

{Repeat Chorus}


  1. Sparta ouwt @ nyt. Yuh ZimMe?