Leftside ft. Chi Ching Ching Gimmi Da Night Lyrics

Chin Ching, Ching, Ching, Ching
My drink afto have ice in it
Leftside the rose afto have rice in it
Toya Cruse drink get a heavy mix
Mi happy that’s why the song get such a heavy fix
Chi Ching

{Leftside – Chorus}

Throw your hands up show some love turn it up an gimmi the night
In the strug light feeling right keep the day an gimmi the night
I don’t wanna fall asleep I’ve being waiting all day
When the sun goes down yes mi ready to party yea
Throw your hands up show some love turn it up an gimmi da night

{Leftside – Verse 1}

Role up in a the Audy giddy step out an ready to party
Me an two girl with heart an pretty
Up in a the club wi a flass like P Diddy
Gyal dem a wine an a giggle dem tididdy
In a short skirt AKA mini
Grey Goose fly in a mi head birdiddy
Leftside Toya cruse you never herd a wi
Come party wid a Jamaican star
Ain’t gonna worry cause wi own the bar
Plenty hot girls a sight wi from far
They all just wanna know who we are
Come over yah so one just hold a vibe
Tonight tonight wi party till dawn
Gimmi da night until morning come
We don’t need rogen when we party

{Repeat Chorus – Leftside}

{Verse 2 Chi Ching Ching}

Throw your hands up if you come here to party
Girls in the party sipping Bacardy
Am in the party, you in the party
Everybody in the party
Yeh shi on mi mind like money
Shi fit mi clothe like mi shoes
She is the girl a choose
A me alone shi seh shi no deal wid two many men
But shi love off Toya Cruse

{Leftside – Verse 2}

Party a kick like pelleh
Anywhere the gyal dem deh me deh deh
Gimmi da gyal deh wid the flat belly
Tell are to send the pin to the berry
Hennessy Cranberry
Shi a drink bacaray strawberry
That meck shi feel very merry
Seet deh now shi gone fi the friend terry
Everybody high like a jet plain
Music is playing club a get insane
Everybody is saying selector pull up the tune again
Giving it to dem yeh wi giving it to dem
Everybody move it to the BBM
Wi a party all after 3pm
Let me clear my throat heh hem

{Repeat Chorus – Leftside