Elephant Man – Happy Lyrics

Marcus yuh taking over yeh
DJ turn up di music a likkle no
Sip yo liquor grab a gyal rock a likkle no
No meck dem screw face over deh so trick unu


Listen no mi no know bout yuh
But wi happy
Seh wi happy
Wi happy
Like seh wi just win di lottery
Wi happy
Wi happy
Dem waan si mi sad but mi happy
Wi happy
Wi happy
The screw face thing that not we
We happy
We happy

{Verse 1}

About dutty badminded people wi careless
Yuh no si seh happiness a beat up stress
Gladness kill sadness lay that to rest
HAppy people put up yo two hand
Party people gwaan enjoy unu self
Member seh life can bi can bi sure
Mi a flass an a enjoy some a mi wealth
Yuh no si mi deh yah from di party start

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Anyway month end pass an bills no get pay
Dem a wonder how yuh happy di next day
Glad when dem hear yo part natural delay
But yuh still a smile anyway
Am glad to say this is such a happy day
Yo waan spoil it not today
That wi say not today
Wouldn’t have it no other way

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}