Busy Signal – Mystery History Lyrics

Busy Signal 2013

Official lyrics for dancehall artist Busy Signal song “Mystery History (Jail Time Story).”


No seh a word mi brother mi deh yah

{Verse 1}

Hey informer a call mi name jah know di bwoy dem sell mi out
B.U.S.Y a so di bwoy dem spell mi out
Deh pon a flight from Amsterdam an dem correl mi out
Ina di ingression like mi hear di bwoy dem yell mi out
Seh mi naw go a jail again but still di bwoy dem jail mi out
So mi link wid KD Night an a try si if him can bail mi out
Dem man deh a star bwoy so yuh know seh di dads naw fail mi out
Him tell mi fi wave my rights an den di US hear mi out
Hey a gun court to GP mi no empty no pail
Prisoners respect di artiste so mi gi dem dem hail
Big up all who support an did a pray fi mi
Because dem know mi believe in a God wa never fail


The mystery became di history
Jah bless mi him never left mi
Mi always praise di almighty
Youth left out di almighty
Cause everything yuh do father God si
A nuff a dem out a road sentence mi
But youth no left out di almighty
Hot head seh gwaan praise di almighty

{Verse 2}

Private jet go up a foreign
Wid certain things mi naw go cope a foreign
Vegetarian a yard mi no nam no pork a foreign
About twice mi drop down in a di cold a foreign
True lock a protein mi black out an a role a foreign
The prison water meck mi hair couldn’t grow a foreign
Watch yuh self mi no chat to who mi no know a foreign
But then again some people wa yuh know a dem same one set yuh up
Dem hate it when yuh a win
Mi lawyer bill big fi lenient in a di court a foreign
Him fly go yard so mi search an den him go up a foreign
Present the facts visually to di court a foreign
Nothing but di truth so help me God mi take a hoat a foreign
All rise mi facing federal charge DNA finger print
And not convicted federal charge
The prosecuter talk, me talk, mi lawyer talk
And den di judge seh six months an now mi back in a mi a yard

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 2}

{Repeat Chorus}