Popcaan Ft Mario C – Nah Leave Lyrics







Here mi no Andrew Blacks
If we waan buy out di bar you know wi can do that
Yow Mario si di party mi a pree

Me nah leave till when this party is over
Gyal drunk and drop pon dem face


So mi nah leave no, mi nah leave
And bwoy girlfriend haffi get take weh
Mi no care who waan grieve
So mi nah leave
Mi nah leave
Fresh like water mi role out gyal dem seh mi no green like green leaf

{Verse 1}

Gyal set good balance di John
From mi reach a di party it just began
6 o clock in a di morning party no done
Gyal a wine bus driver and taxi man
To how mi get jealous an box di van
You a talk to a man wa a drive a van
Gyal a wine up in a video light
And a scream out seh a gaza a lock di land
A di gyal dem thing mi stop mi no chat to man
Fi da gyal deh mi got a plan
All a di freaky gyal dem a tweet mi an
A kartel a still di dan
Seh shi waan wine pon di pole weh really long
Me sh leaning on
Yea seh shi done wid Beenie Man
A me fi be di man

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Party done now in a di Benz man shub out
Whole a windom 13 floor book out
Party start again
Wi nice again
Hang over meck man took out
Gyal a get Kyle in a room an a bruk out
14 floor people haffi look out
Oh God down to di manager a ball a seh high grade meck shi a knock out

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}