New Artiste S.K. Ready To Make His Big Move

S.K. born Shakeir Kidd to mother Yvaine Ellis and father Kenroy Kidd, originates from ST. Mary. He grew up in a single parent home with his grandmother, Donna Davis, as his mother died two months after he was born, and his father was inactive in his life.

S.K. grew up in the Barbican community of ST. Andrew and has been singing since the age of five years old. One day his great grandmother came home and heard a song and she believed it was the television, however, it was young Shakeir that was singing his heart out.

She wasted no time. His great grandmother soon called a radio talk show on love FM and got S.K. his first performance on a talent show, hosted by Nadine Blair in Winters Park. Soon after, S.K. had found himself in various churches singing his heart out. He joined the Barbican Baptist Church Children’s Choir where he sang his heart out for eight years at an annual function the church calls Cris Mas Fun Ting.

S.K. was also on his school choirs at Calabar High School which he attended for five years and also at Mona High School which he attended for a year. It was at Mona that He met Kimani Smith and Roel Powell who both appreciated S.K’s vocal ability. They then introduced him to Peter Harrison and Skatta Burrell, who were not hesitant to offer an opportunity to be in the Downsound environment.

There he has matured in his ability in the voicing booth and also his writing ability. He has written songs for G Warren, Motion and combination with G Warren and Harry Toddler.

S.K. is also gifted with an ear for harmony notes, and he is the harmony singer in Nature’s World Peace. He believes that if opportunity comes knocking, jump at it and make the best of it, and that’s exactly what S.K. has been doing.

He was given an opportunity by Donsome Records to do a song on the Amore Riddim, and he didn’t disappoint. This resulted in his first release, a song titled Keep You Warm.

S.K. was reunited with his high school best friend, Micheal Farquharson who immediately offered his assistance to him. He offered to be his road manager, and once again S.K. didn’t allow the opportunity to pass.

His new road manager had started to promote him in the maverly area, so much so that he wasted no time in getting another opportunity opened for the artist. He made a link with a member of Harsh Records, an England based Dancehall record label, who recently released their Riddim (The Harsh Riddim) which S.K. didn’t hesitate to show his vocal and lyrical ability, and his second song, Wine up Yuh Body was released.

S.K. continues to work with Micheal Farquharson, Kimani Smith and Roel Powell to get a break in the music industry, and with his vocal ability, he is a force to be reckoned with as he aim to be the best in Dancehall/Reggae.