Lady Saw – Some Gal Desperate Lyrics


Aim to di brids
A wa do some gal
Dem seh dem hot an dem a vaporate


Some gal desperate caw dem thing no fest
So every man wa go deh dem a pay for it
Caw dem seh dem a goodas an a sign mi jay
But am not buying none
Some gal pay di fee an shopping spree
Just to get a hot bwoy company
If that’s what it takes to come home with me
Den am not buying none

{Verse 1}

Wooh Trisher is a licker but she still have to pay
If shi no have no money den di man dem never stay
Angy have a picture shi send up di other day
Ugly like gees so di man dem run a way
Gal certain things gal yuh no haffi do
Yuh no haffi pay no man fi come sleep wid yuh
Wooh yo ex man a mad over yuh
And di new man yo deh wid him hook pon yuh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Yuh never pay fi no hotel
Yuh no buy no man wa a sell
Yuh no have free nights like digicel
Wooy yo man a mine yuh done an dem a treat yuh well
Wooy some gal a take on desperate measure
Just fi get are one night a pleasure
As dem meet a man dem introduce dem to di treader
Yuh an dem bird leg tuff like together

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Fi mi body it a high maintenance
MI never, never, never, pay man fi romance
Mi wi buy mi K wire an mi Trojan
But other than that mi naw mine man
Some gal a put naked picture pon internet
Dem a blow man bubble wid winter fresh
Mi never pay no man fi dem sweet cures
If mi broke tomorrow mi an mi man naw left

{Repeat Chorus}