Shawn Storm – Mi Rate Dem Lyrics


Hey bubba
Hey mi want yo big up all di matey
And then yo big up all di wifey
Who seh that no di Siva


Hey well mi no care who rate dem
Mi write deh song yah fi di mate dem
No one out a one gyal a straight ten
When some gyal a hype true dem a wife
Fi dem life dead like round a Maypen
Wedding ring an no man naw date dem
A run down husband gyal a beat dem
Look how yo van look yo only care bout yo bank book

{Verse 1}

Some gyal a run down ring paw finger
A no ring a dweet that a no di thing
Dem seh every man haffi have a wife
But the girl pon di side well a she a do di thing
Wife wash di clothe an di mate take it off
Cho when mi vex yo know di mate meck mi laugh
Wife shi wi per long
Every fer long
Hmm but the matey no talk
The matey wi go pon di roof pon di floor
Mate watch mi wife when mi gone pon tour
True yo turn wife man rate yo
But yuh was a mate to

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Big argument in a mi yard
When wifey drive drive up di Acard
Is like when di mate come true di gate
The neighbor si di rake an seh what a bwoy hard
Phone call meck from di landlord
Bout Shawn siva since him a fraud
Shi tell mi wife things fi end mi life
Mate under di bed an mi tell are stand guard
But di landlord never know a fi are daughter
A she come beg mi fi mix are Mata
So when mi wife si a one a are friend
A different problem haha

{Repeat Chorus}