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Tommy Lee Vs. Popcaan “Party Non Stop” Which Is Better?

Is Tommy Lee and Popcaan competing to be dancehall’s hottest new faces?

That is the question fans are asking after the two former Portmore Empire deejay’s release two single with the same title “Party Non Stop.

Listen to the tracks below and tell us which is better.

(Tommy Lee)
Right now mi a party non stop
Cuz the gal dem so hot
And the thugs dont stop
Pass mi a bottle a Moet
Gal dem body just a grow fat

Party start like movie
Reach round a Susie
Buck a gal name Trudy
I could tell she knew me
Say she see mi pon Instagram
A me fi be the man
She waan mi fi shift the thong
Mi party till mi leave the land


  1. tommy lee is better

  2. popcann was wayyyyyyyyyyy better but tommy lee was decent too.

  3. dem both songz ah madiee ah olove deem both!

  4. riavin king him does it,see

  5. tommy lee di gret ting uv’e done xo mi xay gaza 4laif

  6. popcaan is much better.

  7. popi to di werl

  8. tommy lee the mad ra$$s, he is d hotest dts y many artist want to cla$$ him at sting, popcaan hm sel we out.

  9. Tommy Lee s tune is better, but I don’t like his voice and the way how he sings, its better because of the riddim. If Popcaan sang his thing on the Wild bubble riddim, he would be better, I mean.

  10. You call this dancehall.

  11. they both are garbage….