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Lady Saw Explains Why She Is Leaving Dancehall, Bash Macka Diamond [Video]

Dancehall queen Lady Saw says she is ready to throw in the towel.

Speaking with Daddy English, Lady Saw explains why she made the decision to leave dancehall.

“I am leaving gracefully, am leaving at a high peak,” Lady Saw said.

“I was in Florida in February and I went to a church and the way I went there was very puzzling… When I went the second night to the church something happen and am like wow god really still has his hands on my shoulder. I went back to Jamaica and hit the studio and the vibe just wasn’t there I was just not feeling,” Lady Saw continues.

Lady Saw also said she is tired of the hypocrisy from other females in dancehall.

“I don’t know who is real right now,” Saw said. “People want my position so bad that they will make up stories, betray me, and go out there and tell people that I badmind you.”

Lady Saw also respond to allegations from Macka Diamond that she told a promoter to take her off a show she was booked for.

“How can I badmind someone who has nothing,” Lady Saw said. “I have achieved so much and I am going to badmind you and say I told promoters I wont perform on a show you were booked for, better you say nobody really booking you.”

Listen to Lady Saw’s full interview below.


  1. Sugarie Laffy Taffy


  2. Saw u ar making the right step many ppl is gonna say alot about u but be strong when Christ was on earth they have done him the very say nd beside nothing is out there in the world more than grudge envy badmind jealous nd the devil is all over seeking to devour all who he can get u make ur money already so u go do watch mouth God is able nd he love u nd need u he got his eye On u stay bless my name sake

  3. A message to Lady Saw…Give thanks and praises onto the Father for he is great and his light is shining upon you. You greatest days are before you…give thanks for the doors that Jehovah closes…and be grateful for the doors that are opening. I have followed your career and danced to your music in the dancehall and like you the Father called me. The greatest fight is when his LIGHT shines on you..allow Him to use you as his muse…music saved my life, speak to the Father and listen when he talks to you…he loves you and he will never forsake you….I look forward to everything you will do..the best is yet to come. Your words are your testimony Revelelation 12:11….renew your mind with the word and pray and bring everything to the Father and leave your burdens at his feet. He is Jehovah Jirah he is more than a provider and He is Jehovah Shalom who will bless you with peace in the midst of any confusion, trials and tribulations and bless you with prosperity. On our journey I will give thanks for the day when we can personally share our testimonies on how good He has been to us. Let them gwan chat…nuh watch nuh face….watch Jah Almighty and you well never stop be amazed….. by how amazing he is. I am sincerely happy for you….FORWARD march on… Peace & Blessings!

  4. Proud of you Lady Saw!

  5. mumma saw a mek dem get tuh har an therefore a loose it. if mumma saw did a sih dih fullness mumma saw wudda still work towards har charities, whe wudda mad dem. saw doan watch face juss duh yuh ting.

  6. And there it is.

  7. Lady Saw you a di best glad you find peace with god.

  8. lady saw keepin’ it real – as is her style. she is THE Queen.

  9. Lady Saw is very talented and suppose she can achieve at whatever she attempts.

  10. Prince Katumba lady saw nw a saved women, hard to believe man, I dnt mean to, but I’m laughing my a$$ off man, I want to see the end of it.