Lady Saw Explains Why She Is Leaving Dancehall, Bash Macka Diamond [Video]

Dancehall queen Lady Saw says she is ready to throw in the towel.

Speaking with Daddy English, Lady Saw explains why she made the decision to leave dancehall.

“I am leaving gracefully, am leaving at a high peak,” Lady Saw said.

“I was in Florida in February and I went to a church and the way I went there was very puzzling… When I went the second night to the church something happen and am like wow god really still has his hands on my shoulder. I went back to Jamaica and hit the studio and the vibe just wasn’t there I was just not feeling,” Lady Saw continues.

Lady Saw also said she is tired of the hypocrisy from other females in dancehall.

“I don’t know who is real right now,” Saw said. “People want my position so bad that they will make up stories, betray me, and go out there and tell people that I badmind you.”

Lady Saw also respond to allegations from Macka Diamond that she told a promoter to take her off a show she was booked for.

“How can I badmind someone who has nothing,” Lady Saw said. “I have achieved so much and I am going to badmind you and say I told promoters I wont perform on a show you were booked for, better you say nobody really booking you.”

Listen to Lady Saw’s full interview below.